Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I feel Spring, around the corner....

I Feel SPRING, its right around the corner, but the wind is howling and the snow is falling.(holding on to that hope, so I can keep my focus). There has been so much change. I am
 remaining in a positive focus. LOTS going on in my world / personal life that will eventually be put on paper. Whooohoooo ~

The past weeks... months have been like a writers strangest storyboard. But knowing that, it will certainly produce some interesting art, that is whirling in my head, I am good at that.  Many of you who know me, know my Momma, has been pretty sick, for a while - but she's a trooper and doing it on her terms. I like that!  I guess that is where I get my "GUTS". 

This little image that, up in the left corner, is the beginning sketches, of a very strange new world my PIXIE is living in. It will be a while before it is finished, lots of transition and still needing some closure. This piece will tie together some or a few loose ends in the story... of this little Fairie's Drama.

I have found, after, years and years of following rules, jumping thru hoops and listening to authority figures, suits and uniforms. Sometimes you just have to say what the hell.... and live it in a way that works for you, the hell with the SYSTEM. With that said, in the next issue of Gothic Beauty Magazine, I have a new little "AD". for 

Take a peek at the mag~  pick one up at your local book store.

Also, FYI....I have been learning some really awesome new things these days, in retail. Working  @ Hunt Valley Jewelers,  I have always love sparklie. 
Years ago, making tiaras and stuff... now working with the real deal. Fine GEMS, Gold, Diamonds, and more. Stop by if you have things that need repair, or just want to say HEY. This new haven has filled a little void, as I have missed participating in ART shows ~ and all my old friends from the Fantasy world. So why not be in both worlds.....I like it that way ~

Peace my friends ~

Friday, January 2, 2015

Here's to a New, better.... YEAR!

The best intentions.... 

Happy NEW YEAR ~ As we all have hopes, wishes, and the promise of a new start and maybe even a chance to achieve the American Dream. I am looking forward to 2015 for sure. Personally I have endured, the roller coaster of a ride from hell, the past 4 years. So many questions and so many losses, but in the end its still me... trying to rebuild my studio, relearn what I have physically lost, and achieve a sense of peace -

I have slowly relearned how to draw again, its not painting in watercolors, like I used to do, but it is a calming start. Creating brings me happiness, whether its drawing or making household items. I really miss the magic of painting, but I can not dwell in the loss of that ability.  My dream is, to one day to get back the feeling and control back in my hands to be able to paint again. But for now, that is just a dream ... so, the black and whites sketches will be my visual voice to tell my story.... for that ability I am grateful.

We have a new website,
showcasing the new Black and White series. The older established, rainbow site is undergoing a face life.... we will let you know when it is completed.

I have started working part time, outside of the ART world, Its been fun and rewarding, and a way to continue cognitive therapy, in ways hospital "PT" is limited. However, the itch to participate art shows again, is whirling around in my head...

All I can say, is.... Create Art, or make stuff it will help settle the Angst ~

In a time of so much stress, unrest outside of private dwellings, and in some cases inside and mean spirited people, we all need to, TRY to "Rise Above IT, and show Love and Kindness", even to those who are not our cup of tea !

Thank you for your support - and sharing in this thing called life, we are all in it together.

Peace to ALL,

The little Fairie with Big Dreams for all sorts of Enchanted NEW Beginnings -

Saturday, November 8, 2014

NO, can be a VERB

This is one of those afternoons where I have pondered the statement
"No is an action word, it's a verb"

Our society these days, has taken on a new ideal, reality, wishful thinking, some kind of bull crap that they do not have to honor the word NO. I have found, if they feel they are persuasive enough, cunning enough, bullying enough, wears you down enough, beg your mother enough, email you enough, send you packages - they may think, u will break you down into some kind of submission. Even if you NEVER say YES, they still believe, that they can keep chipping away at trying. At this point they have lost their pride, lost their honor - but as long as they get their drug of choice, whatever that may be - that's all that matters.

When, you tell someone;

"No, I cant make it to lunch today"

"No, I can't eat out in restaurants"

"No, I don't want to be your friend"

"No, I don't want to talk to you"

"No, do not send me emails, I do not want to communicate with you"

"No, I don't want to work with you"

"No, to any contracts with you"

"No, I don't want to  *^&*%*&*...... anything w you -

"No, I'll get my own drink" (to make sure its safe...)

"Do, Not call me,  do not drive by, leave me alone, do Not engage in any aspect of my life....."

All of these things, statements, have the common word NO or DO NOT.
But in our society, we have bullies, Con-men and Con-women, aggressors, liars, selfish thieves, people who hide in or behind uniforms, or date rapist, all out clawing for their personal gain - you name it. These people will NOT honor, nor respect the word NO or DO NOT. All we have to do is turn on the news. Look at whats going on at "Hopkins" look at whats going on in your own life, have the saboteurs taken your JOY!

Look at the crime stats, and stalking stats, even a stupid TV show, glorifying STALKING, have the producers never been stalked - what the HELL.

All of this Wearing and Chipping our society down, changes our structure of Rules. Go to the higher ups for help, guidance and all they can say, is "Oh we are sorry, but there is nothing we can do" or worse, are they the perpetrators, like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

When did society give up their spine and backbone, give up their conscience, give up their honor and become f-ing pushovers. I am one who will stick to my guns and beliefs and if my heart says its wrong,  there is no one on the planet who can change my mind. Yes I have made plenty of mistakes along the way, but I have believed is, you GOTTA OWN it. Can you look in the mirror ? R U intentionally taking what is not yours to take ?

At the ripe old age of 52, I still try to have faith in mankind, but its hard. It does make me feel sad, when I see my children, they are not as mentally affected by the wrongs they see, feel & witness, they say, "Mom, its different now" people are selfish they don't care.

I choose to live under a rock, to stay away, remove myself from this kind of human virus, its like a computer worm, in the brains of the Narcissist. I think they are contagious ! and the world is afraid of Ebola....

Girls, stick to your GUNS, as Nanny would say. "No, means NO, its a VERB" and keep ur friends, Smith and Wess on your side.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Winner Winner.... Abby Hummel !

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner...If u really know me, my chicken dinner is a not a prize. 

Thanks to all who entered, "get ur Free SALVATION!" Our winner is Abby Hummel. We also selected a few runners up, just cuz...

 This past weekend, my family went to parents weekend @ Syracuse. I noticed the overwhelming abundance of technology, but very little real art. I truly believe the thirst for ART, the making of ART is a forgotten ART. We send our kids to School to learn it, yet, the world seems to not really care about it. But we all care about technology - which is cold, hard & lifeless. ART is all about expressing our human experience. My hope with my Black and White series is, to create a happy diary, of good stuff, and living. 

Thanks for entering, to all my friends on here, I challenge u to MAKE something this week... just because....its not about is it good enough, or what will they think,, its about how it, LIFE, made you feel.

Go outside, play in the leaves and get some air...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Its time to,  Pick a Winner!  The new website has been up for a little while now, and it's feels good to 
be BACK!

Life certainly has a way of giving you a wake-up call when you least expect it. Luckily, even with the "School of Hard Knocks" as my teacher - I am grateful to be making art again. Different than before, but never the less just as important, to me. Some of you know that my art can sometimes be controversial, let this one be no different.  

In a few days, I'll be selecting a few winners - of the 
Free Gift of "Salvation" giveaway. We all know that is the "Real" FREE GIFT.  It took loosing it all, to really GET IT!  If you haven's already entered, do so and tell your friends, share the link, the more, the Merrier. 

Go to the contact page, and send us your name and POSTAL mailing address.

Depending how many entries, depends on how many Fine ART Giclee's of "Salvation" will be given away. Remember, the more you give, the more you really get, so share this with your buddies!

I'm looking forward to the next phase of this winding journey, and hope that some of the lessons learned, will serve others in ways - I have yet to understand.  All I know for sure, is to keep going, baby steps, one foot in front of the other, open my eyes and BREATHE ... and NEVER EVER, Look back.

Thank you, to all you guys who have stuck by me, I didn't realize what it takes to grow up, own up, and do the right thing, until I was in the thick of it. Having lost much, I have grown, so much more. 

Linda Biggs

I am a self representing Artist, all my works and copy rights belong to Linda Biggs & Linda Biggs ART, no middle men or women, feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding orders, tattoos or licensing. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Linda Biggs in Black & White

Retraction - Oct 9,  2014 My "Proof Reading Skills" are something I need to improve.  Note, I am a Self Represented Artist, without contracted sponsorship. In the email newsletter Oct 8, 2014 - we overlooked and not changed a previous footer, footnote saying otherwise. All bookings and appointments are approved and schedule by me, Linda Biggs ~ 

Happy Autumn....

to all my friends & acquaintances, it’s been a while since I reached out, and gave a real update on my NEW ART, and what I have been up to. 

IT's been a long, strange and winding road, with lots of challenges, distractions, 
and some good stuff too. 

Many of you know, my daughter and I were sidetracked/slammed in a very big way, via a car crash 2 years ago. With some of the healing behind me, and much more healing ahead; the transition has taught me a new way to look at life and approach my world. 

The new website, "The Black & White ART, In Linda's Rainbow World" showcases the way my mind see’s things these days. The site, illustrates some of good and not so good, along with hope and kindness that has been shown our way. 

This new collaboration was a refreshing venture, between Herb, my webmaster and myself. Herb, my webmaster of 14 years, has been a true friend and colleague through thick and thin. Take a few minutes and see the new website - of my world Black & White. 

Bookmark  and grab a coffee or tea, take a break and scroll thru, see and feel the new vibe of my new art. This new site, is black & white, the way my life really is. Currently, I am unable to paint watercolors, since the accident. I have hope that one day my rainbow watercolors will flow from my minds eye and hands again. For now, may creations are pencil. 

We still maintain the Rainbow Site, 
and now we have new life in

As you go thru, the new site, on the contact page, you’ll find a mailing list box. 
We send out e-news every month or so - we would love to include you. 

As a celebration of this exciting time, we are going to be giving away a NEW BLACK & White, Fine Art Giclee, and a few sets of note cards. Take a peek on this page ~

How to enter, fill out the Contact Page, with your name and postal REAL mailing address. We have some of you, we would like our REAL mailing list to be up to date.  ( We can’t send the prize to an email address ) The winners will be selected in a few weeks. We will send out a newsletter with the winners, along with post on Facebook.  

Join us on FB, Twitter & Pinterest - Thanks for all your support, 



Wednesday, August 13, 2014 

Its that time again, Back-to-School. We r giving away 


to all who, simply visit link below, and fill out the contact form with your POSTAL Mailing Address, please put ur postal address in the message box. (while supply lasts) 

Also, sneek previews of Linda's NEW Black & White ART only on ETSY