Friday, August 14, 2015

Almost History

Almost History....
This website was very good to me, as time changes, I am too. 
My wonderful webmaster, Mr Herb Fogler

will soon be releasing the NEW and totally improved, updated, fancy smanshy, hip

Thank you for all your support, its been a wild ride so far!
Love and Peace to you,

Monday, August 3, 2015

Coloring Sheets R IN!

Dr's Orders, by Linda Biggs

Coloring Sheets and Note Cards of ALL
 the New Black and White
work are NOW available, just $5.00 each
.... visit the recently updated

My Rainbow Color website is being updated too.... many things will be retired, and lots are sold out. If there is anything on their you may want... or want to visit for the last time.... do it soon... or it will be all just a memory of Fairieness

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dr's Orders on Etsy, by Linda Biggs

NEW, on Etsy... Just now 
Dr's Orders

"Have you had your Weedies, today?

Take a peek... lots going on so this post is a shortie!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

We will be posting NEW ART
and some cool stuff REALLY soon on


also a few updates on  

Monday, June 15, 2015

"Dr's Orders" NEW ART by Linda Biggs

Summer in Baltimore…. Season of SWEAT, gosh it’s been  HOT!
And on top of that, I've had a summer Cold that whipped me good… While I was sweating it out, I had a little extra time off from work to complete this piece. I started this piece of ART back in the winter, and it has taken almost 5 months to finish.  (altho...Is a piece of Art ever finished or do you just get tired of working on it) 

This New ART is titled; 
“Dr’s Orders” by Linda Biggs © 2015

Quite detailed and has lots of cosmic reference. The piece has 2 little Pixie characters with lots of white rabbits, and the sweetest little Faerie Dwelling, lots of subliminal stuff. 

We will be adding this to very soon. It will be available as note cards, and Giclee' Fine Art Prints. ( This offer, is for Poster Print paper, signed and glittered and only available at this time. ) 

This Blog Post, is an offer, for an 8 x 11 hand glittered and hand signed print $29 pre order before it hits the website. 

Plus FREE SHIPPING, even FREE shipping to Canada and the UK!

PayPal $29 with your mailing address
Thanks for your support!

NOW... to start something SASSY.... its been a while since I created a sexy piece with lots of drama, just feeling the urge ~

and ... we are in the process of updating please keep checking back, so excited for the new look !

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Man, what a day ! Been icky sick with a summer cold, layin around whining, and look what appears at my door.. Surprise delivery from the UK. The last statues. My supply has been long sold out - these 3 beauties magically arrived. They came all the way from the UK, & I gave the fedx guy a Pepsi for the surprise. If you would like one, (not the pepsi) i have a box of Snow Queen, Mother's Love & Emilys Indulgence....paypal, $45.00 + $5 shipping total $50 each and we will ship right out . I will sign each one and send a little thank you surprise too !

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ebay and little Fairy Dolls.....

We are selling lots of my collected dolls along the way ~ making room for new surprises, and for a few "Real Puki's" but they don't take up much room.

Selling lots of older Disney, Tinkerbell and other Mermaids and Fairies, and even a few kiddles from my years of collecting - here is one of the links, and many more to follow.

Enclosed with every ebay purchase, from  "FairieForest" we will as a bonus gift, ADD a FREE Note Card, of my new ART - as a Thank YOU!

Please share with all your disney collectors ~