Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Happy Winter, Happy SNOW!

Happy Winter

I think I LOVE winter, because my birthday is in the coldest month of the year. I love the solitude, and creative time. Last week - during our 36" snow storm.... I enjoyed much quiet time and created for hours and days without having to leave the studio at all. However, I took breaks for coffee and whipped cream.

Here is a preview of the newest creation that is on the drawing board. Working on the black and white series, has really opened my mind in ways I had not thought of before, it's so refreshing. 

Believe it or not, but I really do work upside down. Was never taught this way, it just is easier for me to see it clearly, focusing on the overall image. This way I don't rework an area - to death. 

This piece is almost finished. Probably by the weekend. She is titled "Don't Tell Me, NO".... How appropriate !

We just received a HOT OFF the press order, of new note cards and prints. We will be offering specials on Instagram!
Please follow us, on Instagram, Twitter, FB and anyplace a Fairie might be hanging out. NEW NEW, STUFF is happening !

Thank YOU for all ur support!


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Little Me

Little Me, Linda Biggs ©  2015

 This new Linda Biggs, image will be available Real SOON, on Note Cards,
Prints and a few more sweet and useable Items. 

The Note Cards will be in a set of 5 or Singles. 

Set of 5 ~  $15.00

Singles ~ $3.50 each

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

InappropriART, Note Cards, Coloring Pages and MORE!

It's January, my favorite month! Time to get my new works cranking. We have new Note Cards, and New Coloring pages. AND lots of good stuff in the works.  I will be attending a few shows this upcoming season, as a Special Guest. We will keep you posted when it gets closer.

Looking forward to seeing you all in person.
Email is great, but in person is much better.

We are working on new products, we will have them available at the Spring & Summer shows.

You can purchase my new Black and White Note Cards and coloring sheets on Etsy, or even directly thru paypal


Coloring Sheets are $5 each
Box of 7 Blank Note Cards are $24
FREE Shipping on either or both.

Happy Winter, See you this Spring!


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Survived ..... the Holidaze

We Survived ...

This time of year we all get a little bit insane....
Thank Goodness we have 363 shopping days left.

Looking forward to new art, net stuff, and some new adventures as the New Years rolls in.

Even hoping for some cooler temperatures, something weird about 70 degree and raining for the entire month of December.

Maybe a little snow, some hot coffee, and walk thru the woods for some inspiration.

Peace, and yup, we all made it thru.... Thank goodness !

Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas !

 Merry Christmas
Friends !
Tis the season for sure, you can see it everywhere. 
It makes me kinda anxious, all I want, is to be kind to the people and creatures as we cross paths this season.

I saw a beautiful Eagle in my yard, just the other day, It's regal power and beauty was breathtaking. 

Why can't we all be an "Eagle", in our own life?  We can 
share beauty and respect along the way. I do not wish for "STUFF" this year. Just the peace and tolerance to get along with others without conflict. That includes, The drivers on the highway, the me first's at the grocery store, the raccoon crossing the country road at night, even the honey bee's that invaded my barn ; )
Try to do right thing, what ever it may be. Stop the stress and angst ! Thats all I want for Christmas and the whole year thru. 

-PEACE be with All of You,

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Holidaze ~

I wrote this little thought last year.... and it still applies, today.

Tis the season... I fondly remember being a little girl, I couldn't wait to put up the "sparklie tree", make cookies, sing the religious Christmas songs ( i was brought up Baptist), turn on the window candles, and twinkle blue outdoor lights too, we did this each night in December.  Those memories were among the best and I still treasure them. 

Somewhere, in this thing called LIFE, those simple pleasures have been replaced with stress, heartache, dread and even grief at times. My wish for all my friends, & foe, is that we may enjoy this time - with a little peace and soften, settle our grown up hardened hearts. A friend this evening sent me a Vimeo, video of "A Hallelujah Christmas" by Cloverton - I smiled and remembered, it is a wonderful & spiritual time of year. ( only if we could remove all the nastyness, rudeness, and expectations)

I normally ignore Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Christmas in hopes to TRY & keep the faith year round without the drama. The holidays, shopping and all the choas make me anxious. This season, I might try to put up a tree, turn on the radio, smile, and recall some beautiful moments... & maybe make some too.... I wish you All PEACE thru what can be the hardest month of the year, December with the expectation of Christmas.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

GoFund Me -We Cancelled this campaign.

Thank you to those, who donated money, funds etc. And to those who were spreading the word. However, I cancelled the campaign today. I was not comfortable with it. Sorry for any inconveince. We are in the process of returning the money donated. Thank you for all your support.

Kind Regards, and Thank You,
Linda Biggs

(We still ALL need Art, so get some supplies and go make something, U'll be glad you did)

As life would have it, trying to my business back on my feet again, and is a bit of BIGGS' Deal!

My request of you, my friends, if each of my followers, friends and or supports, donate $1. one dollar - I will be able to submit and honor show fees for 1 or 2 wholesale shows. The booth fee for a typical wholesale show is $2000 - 2500.  That would grant me 2 wholesale shows, and jumpstart my business back on track, before it was so abruptly taken from me.

We have started looking into show registrations FEES, pricing & Purchasing New Inventory, etc. The process is a big challenge. I did this professional ART Show gig for 15 years, however the accident stop me dead, in my tracks. I lost everything in the process.

Yet, you guys know as long as I am able to create and put my life on paper - my wish and goal is to share it with all of you. It seems our story's are all related in a big circle of life. Even the people who are my "Foe" we are still in it all together.

This has been a mindful journey and I plan on taking it slow and steedy, but still taking it by the horns, cuz thats how I roll. Over the years thru giving and helping others it has inspired me on so many leverls

I just started a "Go Fund Me" page, to help with supplies, Art Show Fees, travel expenses, permits etc, tax ID's and etc. We have been closed and off the radar for a few years. The financial burden has been big, but I am bigger and determined.

Art is so important for all of us to keep out hearts and imaginations flowing ~ please share with your friends and family.

Thank you for the opportunity, looking forward to showing once again!


Linda Biggs
"A little bit of HOPE"  © Linda Biggs