Friday, April 15, 2011

Web site updates & MORE

HEY here is a quick tid bit of news
Archival Arts - they do my scans, let me tell you they do a freaken awesome JOB! check them out if you need any photographic or enlargements.

Herb is updating my site right now - my new works will be uploaded very soon - and we have the artist proof of my newest ART -
Peace Keeper on Ebay right now

and YES I am getting ready for Spoutwood Fairie Festival here is the link

C U then!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New ART & STUFF going on!

Peace Keeper, by Linda Biggs 4/2011 - WIP
work in progress hope to be finished this week!
keep an eye out for the artist proofs... and yes she is standing on a $20 dollar bill

EVO QUEEN by Linda Biggs

ALSO - the 2nd ARTIST Proof of Evo Queen is on
ebay right now - dont miss her!


Well with the times as they are -
I am working on this new piece hope to have her ready by the
Spoutwood Fairie Festival -
Peace Keeper above.
she is a bit over the top -but that's how i feel!

here is the WIP up top - her name is Peace Keeper,
we will have the artist proofs on ebay as soon as she is completed!

Spoutwood ~
the Festival is April 28,29 and May 1 st its my
only local show right now so make sure to mark your calendar!

other stuff on ebay ~
Hey we have quite a few ebay auctions going on - gotta get some mermaids out there just in time for spring and summer~ here is the ebay link

See you all in a few weeks!
oxox Linda