Monday, August 28, 2017

Blaise will be for Sale @ Baltimore Comic Con

"Blaise" by Linda Biggs
4 Sale @ Baltimore Comic Con 
Sept 22-24

See you all real soon, in costume! and this original beauty 
will be for sale. 
Blaise is on 20 x 24"  paper
pencil sketch the original will be at my table, in Artist Alley

Come and see me, we will be inside, so it wont matter if its raining outside.
This summer season was filled with rain and heat so come see me inside in comfortable conditions 

Check out both websites, they tell different versions of the story!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Visit with God
by Linda Biggs ©

She is finally complete.... and for sale!

It took all summer and then some.
 Simply gentle and sweet Newest Art,
 by Linda Biggs.

This image, is a daily trip that Linda takes every morning to the little stream in Fairieland.
All of my paintings, are like a snap shot in,
 time. These paintings are a visual diary.

Funny how fast and abrupt things change. This was my morning ritual, until I got Lyme for the 3rd time. Holy Cows, life just goes upside down. Still not 100 percent but way better, than how I was in June. The heat of the summer was unbearable with this crud in my system.

I am doing everything in my power to get back to the stream, but the enormous and exploding tick population this year has changed my ways for a bit. So a little more time in the gym and less in the yard. I do prefer the yard, and Vit D but need to keep the little tick bastards at bay - so I will return down to the stream after the first Freeze or so.... Yes, I am wishing for winter and those refreshing temps ! and the soon to happen wood stove installation. NO more cold winter! Dang, 7 years of cold winters without proper heat and i am looking forward to being toasty this year.

This is what happens after I paint it. It takes a lot of work and cash flow, to get the prints or note cards created. This is one step in the process.

Proofing at Archival ARTs, they are the best!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Here's to a Full ~ Filled 
week in FairieLand!

Yes, all week I went around town where ever my little Mini Cooper would take me! And we delivered NIPPIEs... how excited most humans were, such a happy little package !

We are shipping these little 
Linda Biggs Rolling Papers everywhere.
Even the UK, we shipped there today. For now shipping is still FREE on individual packets and retail purchases, even if you are out of the USA, we will ship for Free a little longer.

These are Now Available in bulk shipments of 50, and they come in the pretty display boxes. email us for wholesale info ~

Get EM, today, these are Limited Editions, wait till you see the next batch we cook up

Monday, August 7, 2017

Linda Biggs Rolling Papers.... OMGOSH

High Times Magazine
We did it again... and AGAIN... and Again!

This is an interesting adventure. To think an accident in 2012, would be the catalist for all of 
this STUFF.
From learning to write my name again, to playing card games at Wellspan to try an remember, learning to draw again,  fighting my way with painting watercolors again,  even hearing horror stories about my past and all sorts of insanity.

This is proof that staying positive, putting your heart, soul and efforts in to the good, 
verses putting it into the evil really makes a difference.

I, we, and a few other good souls are working tirelessly to make this NOW Dream, that began as a freakin nightmare, it's now coming to life in the most beautiful way. Like I have no words, its overwhelming joy.

Today, I hit the pavement, like i used to when i sold printing, door to door, dropping off samples, sharing the good parts of my story with any soul who wanted to listen, or who wanted 
FREE Samples!

I now know how the "RED BULL" girls feel. It was crazy fun, in the pouring rain, and I will do it again tomorrow!

Thank you for all the Etsy sales, My website sales, and the emails of cheer! 

Inquiries welcome for our display and bulk boxes email ~