Monday, August 7, 2017

Linda Biggs Rolling Papers.... OMGOSH

High Times Magazine
We did it again... and AGAIN... and Again!

This is an interesting adventure. To think an accident in 2012, would be the catalist for all of 
this STUFF.
From learning to write my name again, to playing card games at Wellspan to try an remember, learning to draw again,  fighting my way with painting watercolors again,  even hearing horror stories about my past and all sorts of insanity.

This is proof that staying positive, putting your heart, soul and efforts in to the good, 
verses putting it into the evil really makes a difference.

I, we, and a few other good souls are working tirelessly to make this NOW Dream, that began as a freakin nightmare, it's now coming to life in the most beautiful way. Like I have no words, its overwhelming joy.

Today, I hit the pavement, like i used to when i sold printing, door to door, dropping off samples, sharing the good parts of my story with any soul who wanted to listen, or who wanted 
FREE Samples!

I now know how the "RED BULL" girls feel. It was crazy fun, in the pouring rain, and I will do it again tomorrow!

Thank you for all the Etsy sales, My website sales, and the emails of cheer! 

Inquiries welcome for our display and bulk boxes email ~

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