Friday, July 7, 2017

500th Issue and I get to be in it!

Linda Biggs Hemp Rolling Papers

So excited for this opportunity. We created a new product line,
Linda Biggs Hemp Rolling Papers.

They are a fun way to put Linda in your pocket, (so to speak) 
But They are a functional piece of art, small and portable.
Check out a folio, 40 leaves in each batch.

Two to choose from:
"Fairie Wings" or "Mermaid Tail"
get them while they are in stock. They are Limited Edition and each pack is Hand Signed!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Limited Edition Rolling Papers....

Take a quick peek... at our 

or Follow the Cannabis Leaf on my home page

We have 2 versions so far, we will be adding new selections as each batch sells out.
Fairie Wings, with my new Native American Princess. and or Panadora, on my Mermaid Tails. Either pack you will be so happy with, and we are happy that you are putting me in your pocket, in a funny kinda way.

Yes, we know they are a little more than your standard fair rolling papers at your local head shop. We are adding a bit of value to this new sweet deal. They will arrive to you with FREE Shipping, and a Note Card or sticker, just so you have a little more user friendly Linda Art.

We just got wholesale pricing, so YES... they are now shipping out to stores too.

Currently The Crystal Fox, in Laurel is the first retailer to have them in their store.
They are offering a nicer price too ; )

AND for thse of you who have everything.... you dont have these yet... Our wonderful Stash Boxes are now on Etsy!

Enjoy the warm weather and Fly Higher with the Fairies....

Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring Events

Happy Spring from Linda Biggs ART!

Indian Giver, will be at all the Spring Events! 
Probably the hardest piece of Art, I have created in quite some time. 
We have just listed her prints and Giclee' Fine Art Reproductions on Etsy
Event Calendar to Date:

The National Cannabis Festival In Washington, DC this April 22, 2017
RFK Stadium in Washington DC
The Spoutwood Fairie Festival 
May 5th - May 7
Maryland Faerie Festival 
June 9 - 11

PSSSS... If you see the Linda Biggs Rainbow Mini Cooper on the street, send us an email, with the location seen, and we will send you a 
NEW LOGO Rainbow Sticker,
email us

I am working on a cool new project with Emerson Probst, we created
"Her Rainbow World" back in 2009 - This new project will be epic! I have been proof reading Emerson's copy... Oh MY GOODNESS, its a bit Sassy !

For Specialty Items and OOAK's

 Stay tuned on FB, Instagram, Twitter for updates.
I am addicted to Instagram!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Refreshing Truth...

Heres the simple facts, the truth about my experience with Cannabis ~

A while back I wrote a little rant about getting hired and the un-hired, at Mini. Well ironic how the truth, really will set you free. I told them about how and why cannabis. They freaked. The real world, the one I live in.... is much more open minded to the truth of this magical plant, that heals and cures.

I will be at the 2nd Annual National Cannabis Festival this coming April 22, 2017

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Its Winter....

Its that time of year, submitting for events, uploading images etc.... and paying entry fees. This is the time when you make new art and new products for the Spring. In the process of a new piece, will keep this one a secret.

In the meantime please check out out etsy page for sample new products.

Keep an eye out for updates on The National Cannabis Festival - I am making new cool products for this history making event. Mark your calendar, Washington DC, April 22, and I hope to see you there!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday the 13Th

Friday the 13TH

Its that time of year, January, where its all almost overwhelming... yet so much excitement and promise.

Time to create and order new art items and products and get ready for all the spring shows.

My first scheduled event is The National Cannabis Festival. I am so dam excited for this event, a time to really share what is going on in my world and how the magic of the plant helped to bring me back to life.

This journey has been strange so many questions of WHY, like a 3 year old asking over and over again... but now, seeing the real facts... i am sure it was all meant to be.

We are working feverously with new suppliers and creators making some really cool products containing my images.

Thanks for reading & following, cant wait to share it all in person -