Friday, October 30, 2015

Relaxation Cannabis Coloring Sheets, "Get ur WEEDIES On"

"Get Your WEEDIES, on !"

Introducing, Linda Biggs, International Fantasy Artist, new Black and White Adult Relaxation Cannabis Coloring Sheets. Linda Biggs Art has been coveted and collected worldwide. Now, she introduces her NEW Black and White, "Dr's Orders". 

Dr's Order', is based on real life, "Chronic Pain" sufferers. The image appears to be a sweet and pleasing, but when you take a closer look, you will see, it's a story of Medical Cannabis -VS- Oxycodone. All of the Linda Biggs ART, tells part of her "Real Life Fairie Tale". 

Adult, Coloring Sheet 8.5 x 11" and 4.5 x 7" Note Cards. Perfect for any occasion, and or just for FUN.  The New Linda Biggs, Black and White, Real life series of controversial art today. 

We are offering FREE Shipping on retail & wholesale orders of our New 
"Dr's Order's" Cannabis Coloring Sheets.

Coloring Sheets and Note Cards. 
NO Minimum Order ~

Coloring Sheets $5. each
Note Cards $3.50 each

Do the math, its easy...Simply paypal,  to purchase 

Special orders and Quantities are available upon request. ( wholesale inquiries we are happy to send you a package! )


Check Out, ALL Linda's Black and Whites, They ALL have a bit of a twist...  
take a closer look.
NEW - Coloring Sheets

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Feeling Inspired ....

Its been about 3-4 yrs of unimaginable stress, pain and confusion.... whirling and whirling.... for some kind of answer, reason and purpose. Now its about getting back to who I am,... was,... or will become.

A Most refreshing reflection, in the last few months, Artist friends from my past have just magically appeared and inspired and lifted me up with a simple conversation, or a visit, and brainstorming about new art that needs to be created.

Yesterday - I purchased a 10 pack of my favorite paper. Waiting for UPS to deliver it. I was like a wide eyed child awaiting Christmas and now the blank sheets are demanding I create!

THANK YOU - to sincere friends who have reached out and now we are all gonna create some magic together!

We are listing lots of new items on Etsy !