Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Thank YOU ~

Just a quick and simple Thank You to all you who, got in on the "FREE PRINTS" cleaning out the Fairie Boxes giveaway.

You helped me send out a bunch of older prints, they went to good homes. See, I need to do nesting and tiding before I can sit down and create New Art.

You empowered me to do so. We sent out soooo many BIG ENVELOPES, and since you paid for the shipping we were able to pack them as full as we could.

Now the new studio is clean and tidy, ready for some new ARTistic Adventures. I have been working on a piece of Art, that will certainly be controversial, and it just might upset a few applecarts. Cleaning out the studio empowered me to free up the clutter in my head.
(last night I worked for hours and watched it come together)

Also, my older,  http://www.LindaBiggs.com is being updated with a new FRESH streamline look. I will post, when it is completed. Some of the items will no longer be available on the new updated site, if there is anything on the older site, now is the time to purchase it. Once the older items are retired, they will no longer be shipped.

Thats it for now -

Happy Summer and all that HOT STUFF ~

http://www.LindaBiggs.net (black & white )

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Feels like Summer in Baltimore!

Feels Like Summer in Baltimore .....
I am more of a winter, however, this past Winter kicked my butt ~

Much, MUCH, change behind me, with good stuff on the horizon. I am looking forward to the warmer temperatures,   called Summer. Having moved the studio again, its now in a permanent location. Each time the studio moved these past few years, it was like taking a piece of my soul and tossing it to the curb. Finally hanging up my older watercolor paintings, dusting off the drawing table, and opening new heavyweight paper.... it just feels RIGHT!

The past few months, working this new piece, (its taking longer), but I like the results so far. However, ART, like life it can take an unpredictable turn at any moment. Here is a Sneek Peek, keeping my pointed little ears crossed that it turns out HAPPY!

We have a few print ADs popping up, in places like
"Gothic Beauty" and some local, Baltimore papers too.
With that said, I would like to clear our some older artwork
to make room for my new works. Since you are reading this BLOG, that means, your part of my inner FAIRIE circle....

SO, for you guys ONLY,  I would love to send you some FREE ART. All you do is send $4.95, and your mailing address - to cover shipping and I/we will pack up a cool surprise box of hand signed Fairieness just for you! Simply use paypal, send $4.95 to lindabiggs@toad.net

Also, to keep my brain focused on real life, I am working at the coolest Fine Jewelry store on the planet. Hunt Valley Jewelers   http://www.HuntValleyJewelers.com  stop by and see us, I know you have items that need repair, bring em ~ and stop by and say "HI"  (Since I am out of the gypsy shows for who knows how long, I do miss being a gypsy/ fairie/ mermaid - I even wear real LADY clothes for the Jewelry store position, kinda like Im in drag ~)

Thats it for now, stay tuned on Facebook, Pinterest and even a little Twitter - I will post this new ART when its complete. http://www.LindaBiggs.net  and
http://www.LindaBiggs.com ( soon to get a facelift )

and...I am going to start ebaying again, and thin out my doll collection - keep and eye out if lots of kiddles, small fairies and other odd dolls are ur liking....Just need to make ROOM for more ART



* * UPDATE ~ yes we will ship these freebies over seas if you would like them, we have sent out about 50 STUFFED & packed envelopes. We will be extending this one more week, by then the box of goodies will be empty.  DONT MISS OUT!