Monday, December 17, 2012

Its been a while, since I gave a “REAL TIME” update. Life has been a whirlwind in more ways than one, thats for sure. Just by watching the daily news you get a sobering dose of reality. Say a prayer for those less fortunate, be humble and give thanks ~

I would like to officially “THANK YOU ALL” for supporting me this year. Thank you to all who came out to Greetings and Readings, to see that I am still vertical, and more important, still smiling despite the odds... But most of all, to see that I am ready to make some new ART.
I know in my heart that creating ART is my purpose, here on this planet. I created and nurtured 2 beautiful children who I love more than life itself. Now, that they have grown into beautiful women, I will always be here for them. Just looking at their photos warms my soul every morning. As for day to day, its time to create more ART & stuff for the world to enjoy. My ART, is a simple gift to the planet, a little bit of my world in a visual diary, once I am gone the story will last as long as people enjoy it.. Think about it, what do you like to do, that is a positive gift to the planet or mankind. If you can't come up with a something, besides make money – you seriously need a hobby!

A sincere and very BIG thank you to all my inked followers–

This THANK YOU is to ALL my friends who have made the lifetime commitment and inked my art on your precious body. There is no greater complement, I am sure every artist would agree. Thank you so much for sharing in such a personal journey its like we are now joined together. – 

 2 recent examples of ink, from my friends & fans. Please share and if you have my art on your body please email me a photo, or post it on facebook. I treasure these, they make me smile.

I wish you a peaceful holiday season, that what I am wishing for myself. The gift of peace, and to rest comfortably, with friends and loved ones. This is a difficult time for many and I do not like the drama the holidays can bring. Funny, the term PEACE, sounds so easy, yet its what mankind has been fighting for throughout history.

Peace ~

Friday, October 26, 2012

We Will have these at Greetings & Readings TOO!
Hunt Valley Towne Centre
118-AA Shawan Road
Hunt Valley, Maryland 21030

Nov 10  -   Noon to 5 PM

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Its Gonna be a PARTY!

Its Gonna be a PARTY, mark your calendar....Details Coming Soon!  

NOV 10, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bad Girl BOOKMARKS, Arriving Daily!

Our Bad Girl bookmarks are just arriving, new images daily - 
LOTS of surprises and a FUN NEW way to collect Linda Biggs Fantasy ART. 
The perfect way to keep your place ~ as the bumper sticker says... 
"Women who behave, rarely make history!" .... and we know Linda's sense of humor,
these are freaken awesome !

New Linda Biggs, Bad Girl Bookmarks ~ Preview on eBay~  1 bookmark   set of 4 bookmarks

oh - we have a few very sassy and funny bookmarks that will be in next week! Keep an
eye out, these will be a must have and will surely sell out quickly. The perfect way
to keep your place, in your favorite summer read! 

Just a little quick update - Linda has been so busy, we wanted to update you on the
latest stuff. ( She is painting "Coming out of her Shell", THIS NEW MERMAID, will be
in her online gallery soon. Check back often - Perfect for your summer FUN !
STREET Team....
Spread your viral magic, spread the word about the new BAD GIRL Bookmarks
an inexpensive way to collect some really awesome and witty ART!

Follow Linda Biggs on Instagram - keep up with her latest visons....

Spreading HAPPINESS ....From the Fairies @
Linda Biggs International Fantasy ART
PO BOX 480 Parkton, MD 21120

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Summer is upon us!
Close your eyes, you can visualize all the splender, smell the sea, visualize the beautiful mermaids, the warm evenings, like a Mid-Summer's Night dream of Fairies and Pixies making mischief and magic, come see what we have in store !

This Saturday celebrate the Summer Season -
Boordy Vineyards 
(directions visit Boordy Vineyards website)
 the directions are easy!

Linda Biggs International Fantasy ART will be a special guest, so make it a date for this Saturday, WINE, ART, Music, and laughter come join us for a delightful afternoon. Linda will have lots of NEW ART and Fanciful GIFTs and Surprises.

In keeping with the season - Of Fun and Sun, Linda just began a new mermaid, it is a transitional piece, she may not preview this until its completed. We all know Linda, a spirit that is hard to tame, she will show it off, when she is ready, whenever the mood stikes!

FYI - Linda's webmaster is currently updating her web gallery, keep checking back, in a week of so all the new goodies will be available. Linda has a new line of Pretty and Petite Greeting Cards, they are simply gorgeous! you will be able to purchase them in a special package or as singles. These are a must have - and perfect for any occasion. Yes, being green, we all send
e-cards and emails, however, a real greeting card, in the real mail is a true gift of the heart.
Then it can simply be framed.

Linda has been teasing us, on eBay with a few of these new offering, once they are live in her gallery, the new ART will not be available on eBay. Here are a few sneek peaks, the new cards, and other gifts ~   Cards   Pillow   Bumper Sticker

with LOTS more surprises you will have to wait and see ! Linda's work is showing up in all sorts of new and FUN places. You can still get special, One of a Kinds in her ETSY Site
There is nothing like a One of a Kind, piece of ART hand signed by Linda Biggs.
You can even find her on INSTAGRAM and tumbler too, and feel free to enjoy Linda's work  online and internet, please be mindful, and uphold all copyright rules and regulations.
The WWW is a wonderful and magical place, as long as it is respected.

We hope to see you this saturday June 2, 2012

PEACE from the Fairies,
PO Box 480  Parkton, MD USA

Monday, May 21, 2012

JEEP on Fire - Coloring KIT!

Now My Linda Biggs - "Piece of Dirt" coloring kit is getting some action!
They are now a collectors item - I will hand sign them too!
Get yours before they are sold out, simply paypal $12.95 includes shipping to:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hi everyone
Its Spring, Spoutwood is a beautiful Memory!

Here is a quick update - we are working on a bunch of website updates - i hope to get everything to Herb,  the webmaster very soon. But in the meantime - we will be listing lots of one of a kinds (OOAK ) on ebay... just to tempt you before they hit my official site.

These bookmarks are just sneak peek - 
here is the ebay link -

keep a look out we will be posting, sketches, fabric items, T-shirts & more!



Wednesday, May 9, 2012


 Thank YOU to everyone who came out to Spoutwood Fairie Festival - IT WAS AWESOME! So good to see you and the photos that we have a terrific! Take a peek on Facebook when you have some free time.

Time to recover and get all the new art and gifts up on the website, been working on that for the past few days -  we do have a few of the new previewed items on Ebay

here are the links -
Tote Bags - THESE r a HUGE hit!

One of KIND Pillows & Home Decor -

and yes - The Coloring Kit
Piece of DIRT was a HUGE HIT! - I sold out, that means i have to make twice as many....

Stay tuned the new updated website will be here very shortly ~
( Herb, is gonna pull his hair I am sure ; )


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

C U @ Spoutwood May Day Fairie Festival May 4-6


Spoutwood May Day Fairie Festival May 4, 5 & 6

Its been a whirlwind of a year,  I  am so excited to see you this weekend at Spoutwood is a homecoming and a beautiful event.

We will have all sorts of new goodies and I just cant wait to share them with you. Its a surprise, so NO PICTURES on the internet yet...  

Bring this email and you will get 10% OFF any purchase at my booth.

See you this weekend!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Festivals & New ART

Its spring and we are all ready for some Fun and Festivities.

Linda will be at the Annual Spoutwood Fairie Festival May Day Weekend. May 4, 5 & 6

She will have SO MANY new products, art and surprises. make sure to stop by and say HI!

Now here is what you all have been giggling at -
Linda's Jeep Inspired Coloring KIT.

So here is a little fun for all - Her NEW COLORING KIT
$6.66 cute HUH! plus $3.33 for shipping
Simply paypal $9.99 to and this Crafty Kit will be yours !

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Artist Proof "It Hurts" 1 of 1

Fine Art Giclee' Artist Reproduction
11 x 14"
Hand Embellished
One of a Kind
Available on ebay right now!

The production run of this emotional image will soon be on Linda's Retail website, but this is a must have OOAK

This is the Full Color version of
"IT HURTS' by Linda Biggs © 2012

This is a time of transition, and the world is in a very weird place. Lets keep our Artist expressing themselves and support them - so they may continue to make it a better place for all of us to find a little peace.
PSSSST! details on Linda's EPIC Contest are listed below - dont miss out, it wont cost you a thing, a chance to win so many awesome prizes!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring is around the Corner....

ITs windy and 50 degress... the buds are all ready to bloom since we had such a warm winter. I think every one is ready.

I love winter most years, but this year I will be so happy to see the Spring flowers bloom and the ground come back to life.

Featured here - "It Hurts" March 2012
this piece will be on my home page of the website soon.
Lots going on - its being scanned for Giclee' Fine Art Reproductions right now. This will be a numbered edition.

The Black and white, version Hand colored, of "It Hurts" will also be on the website too -
They are still $29.00 ( They will be $45.00 once on the website)
paypal $29.00 to

My contest is going on, don't miss out on entering, its right around the corner. The grand prize is stunning! A formal Fairie Gown with all the trimmings, a Hand Made Tiara - One of my, Original OOAK's Tiara with magic Crystals and beads and slippers and a magic wand, too -
Just in time for The Spoutwood and Maryland Faerie Festivals !

All the contest details are a few blog entries below this one...! Plus there will be lots of additional Boobie Prizes. Enter via email or with a regular entry form in the snail mail. email us your name, mailing address to :

Linda Biggs Contest
Rags to Riches Make Over
PO Box 480
Parkton, MD 21120

I will be selecting the winners on April 1, 2012.... Just a few weeks to GO!