Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bad Girl BOOKMARKS, Arriving Daily!

Our Bad Girl bookmarks are just arriving, new images daily - 
LOTS of surprises and a FUN NEW way to collect Linda Biggs Fantasy ART. 
The perfect way to keep your place ~ as the bumper sticker says... 
"Women who behave, rarely make history!" .... and we know Linda's sense of humor,
these are freaken awesome !

New Linda Biggs, Bad Girl Bookmarks ~ Preview on eBay~  1 bookmark   set of 4 bookmarks

oh - we have a few very sassy and funny bookmarks that will be in next week! Keep an
eye out, these will be a must have and will surely sell out quickly. The perfect way
to keep your place, in your favorite summer read! 

Just a little quick update - Linda has been so busy, we wanted to update you on the
latest stuff. ( She is painting "Coming out of her Shell", THIS NEW MERMAID, will be
in her online gallery soon. Check back often - Perfect for your summer FUN !
STREET Team....
Spread your viral magic, spread the word about the new BAD GIRL Bookmarks
an inexpensive way to collect some really awesome and witty ART!

Follow Linda Biggs on Instagram - keep up with her latest visons....

Spreading HAPPINESS ....From the Fairies @
Linda Biggs International Fantasy ART
PO BOX 480 Parkton, MD 21120

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