Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Summer is upon us!
Close your eyes, you can visualize all the splender, smell the sea, visualize the beautiful mermaids, the warm evenings, like a Mid-Summer's Night dream of Fairies and Pixies making mischief and magic, come see what we have in store !

This Saturday celebrate the Summer Season -
Boordy Vineyards 
(directions visit Boordy Vineyards website)
 the directions are easy!

Linda Biggs International Fantasy ART will be a special guest, so make it a date for this Saturday, WINE, ART, Music, and laughter come join us for a delightful afternoon. Linda will have lots of NEW ART and Fanciful GIFTs and Surprises.

In keeping with the season - Of Fun and Sun, Linda just began a new mermaid, it is a transitional piece, she may not preview this until its completed. We all know Linda, a spirit that is hard to tame, she will show it off, when she is ready, whenever the mood stikes!

FYI - Linda's webmaster is currently updating her web gallery, keep checking back, in a week of so all the new goodies will be available. Linda has a new line of Pretty and Petite Greeting Cards, they are simply gorgeous! you will be able to purchase them in a special package or as singles. These are a must have - and perfect for any occasion. Yes, being green, we all send
e-cards and emails, however, a real greeting card, in the real mail is a true gift of the heart.
Then it can simply be framed.

Linda has been teasing us, on eBay with a few of these new offering, once they are live in her gallery, the new ART will not be available on eBay. Here are a few sneek peaks, the new cards, and other gifts ~   Cards   Pillow   Bumper Sticker

with LOTS more surprises you will have to wait and see ! Linda's work is showing up in all sorts of new and FUN places. You can still get special, One of a Kinds in her ETSY Site
There is nothing like a One of a Kind, piece of ART hand signed by Linda Biggs.
You can even find her on INSTAGRAM and tumbler too, and feel free to enjoy Linda's work  online and internet, please be mindful, and uphold all copyright rules and regulations.
The WWW is a wonderful and magical place, as long as it is respected.

We hope to see you this saturday June 2, 2012

PEACE from the Fairies,
PO Box 480  Parkton, MD USA

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