Monday, December 5, 2011

Ebay HOLIDAY Gifts & Specials


Its that time of year, the holiday shows are over and we have Awesome Holiday Gifts that will ONLY be for sale on eBay.... from now until Dec 20 we will be offering all sorts of goodies.
A variety of Linda Biggs Watercolor Fantasy work like you have never seen it before.

Our eBay ID is fairieforest

here are a few links to our current specials ~ these will only be available on ebay. They are one of a kind gift items. Framed by Linda in her studio. She will be adding all sorts of goodies to the auctions this month.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Linda Biggs, International Rainbow Fantasy Artist, LAST Show, of 2011 ; )


Dec 3, 2011
Roland Park Country School
5204 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21210 (410) 323-5500
11 am - 4 pm

We will have Prints, Giclee' Fine Art Reproductions, Note Cards and lots of one of a kinds, perfect holiday gifts for everyone on your list... as a special surprise even, Linda's BEAUTIFUL hand made by Sterling Silver Tiara's! These sell quickly and Linda only makes them for very special event!

We wish everyone a magical holiday season - with lots of love.... keeping that flickering candle burning - it's the magic we all share!

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to you,
The Linda Biggs

Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Beautiful" by Linda Biggs Nov 2011

This piece truly represents all the beauty that is FAE.

we are taking pre orders before this painting is on her website,it will be up on here in just a few days - so dont miss out!
These are special"VALUE" holiday prices.

16 x 20 double matted Giclee' Fine Art Reproduction
Hand Glittered by Linda - $99.00
Shipping $8.95

Total - $107.95
(simply paypal, payment to )

* * * * *

11 x 14 matted - Ink Jet Print
Hand Glittered by Linda - $29.00
Shipping $5.95

Total - $37.95
simply paypal, payment to )

This offer wont last long - once it is posted on Linda's website this great deal will be over ! ( probably bt next week...)
Order it now - it will make the perfect, "Beautiful" holiday gift!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Beautiful" November 2011

"Beautiful" by Linda Biggs Nov 2011

This piece truly represents all the beauty that is FAE. Linda worked on this piece while preparing for a show. It was the creative outlet that allowed her to do all the tedious and not so fun show preparations. This new painting is peaceful and simple, with lots of green leaves and details.

we are taking pre orders before this painting is on her website, These are special"VALUE" holiday prices.

16 x 20 double matted Giclee' Fine Art Reproduction
Hand Glittered by Linda - $99.00
Shipping $8.95

Total - $107.95
(simply paypal, payment to )

* * * * *

11 x 14 matted - Ink Jet Print
Hand Glittered by Linda - $29.00
Shipping $5.95

Total - $37.95
simply paypal, payment to )

This offer wont last long - once it is posted on Linda's website this great deal will be over !
Order it now - it will make the perfect, "Beautiful" holiday gift!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Her Rainbow World" ~ First Solo Art BOOK

"Her Rainbow World"

This awesome SOLO ART Book, is nearly sold out.

Don't miss out, if you haven't purchased yours yet, get it while we still have them available. Listed below is the link, where you will find them midway down the page.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Original Sketch on Ebay - Sunrise on the GULF

YUP - we are listing a few original Sketches right now while. Its summer time for a few good deals.

This one was among one of the most serious piece I created. The Original Watercolor sold last year.

Description from the Original painting -
Sunrise on the gulf is my little protest to the BP Oil Spill. This painting had to come out so i could move onto my regular painting.
OK this new painting was inspired by the BP Oil spill in the gulf, not the typical inspiration for this fairy. But I couldnt ignore it. This disaster has really upset me to the core of what we are as humans. and... yes the Bio hazard logo - is green and appropriate. The imagery is not so subtle the Fairie Characters look sweet, but very sad - man it was sooo upsetting to paint it. every time we turned on the News i saw the images of the oily turtles and it made me cry. Painting this piece freed my creativity so i can move onto an new piece of art. I couldn't do anything until i got this painting out of my system. Like getting the sludge and Nasty oil out from the bottom of the sea. How can our waters live with all that mess, how come they can get away with it? - thats how my brain felt until i put it on into a watercolor painting. This is my little way of protesting British Petroleum.

dont let this auction get away!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What an event @ The Forget Me Not Factory!

we had a ball in Ellicott City
this past saturday!

So many old friends came and new ones too, this was the most fun i have had all summer. and YES - I wore a dress, wasnt in the kilt kinda mood.

We took lots of great photos - we even had a beautiful dragon fly, stay for the entire party. he just sat on top the prints and flew from person to fae. It was sooo cool. The Bubble man, was making all sorts of magic too! If you missed up,
stop in The Forget Me Not Factory - in Historic Ellicott City, MD. You will see the magic and wonderful gifts for everyone. Young and Old!

Now I am going to take a little rest, and start painting my new piece of ART. I used to preview them on Facebook, but for now - I will hold off and just post it once it is completed. ( we have had tooo many pirates, even tho it was fun to post the progress, its best right now that i just wait til this new one is finished....)

Oh, for those of you who have asked, YES, Tiny is doing a little better, he is eatting and his weight has gone up a little. he is my little sweetie.

Thats it for now - and looking forward to seeing you this fall, and
YES - I will be @ FaerieCon as a guest again this year! ( no i am not up on their website yet... ahhh the politics.....)

Have a peaceful summer,

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Now That its Summer!

Now that its Summer... and the kiddies are home from school!
Time has a different flow - it moves a little slower and I seem to get less done. But its a time to cherish as my daughter and i are sitting down with the challenge of a sewing machine, needle and thread and trying to create something new. Time to try and relax!
I will be at The Hereford Zone Parade - July 10
in northern Baltimore County
Times and details coming soon.

Also you are invited to:

The Forget-Me-Not-Factory July 16
Time 2-5
in Historic Ellicott City
8044 Main Street
Ellicott City, MD 21043
we will have lots of cool stuff, my new mermaid statues and light refreshments and more. Please stop by the Bubble man will be there and bring your camera. It will be a delightful afternoon.

Ebay this week - we have some cool stuff going on. we just listed a set of 3 Tattoo flash for one price. here is the link

Long story... but we had to move the studio, once again, this time we are unpacking boxes and getting back to normal. just like nature - with change every day. I am making changes too. Its a transitional time. But Change is good. and one new addition to my studio - the gift of a MAC...from one of my suppliers. I can not thank them enough.. I have been using an old DELL for so long this is a very exciting change....

Wishing you a happy and relaxing summer - i am gonna try to learn the art of Relaxation too!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Web site updates & MORE

HEY here is a quick tid bit of news
Archival Arts - they do my scans, let me tell you they do a freaken awesome JOB! check them out if you need any photographic or enlargements.

Herb is updating my site right now - my new works will be uploaded very soon - and we have the artist proof of my newest ART -
Peace Keeper on Ebay right now

and YES I am getting ready for Spoutwood Fairie Festival here is the link

C U then!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New ART & STUFF going on!

Peace Keeper, by Linda Biggs 4/2011 - WIP
work in progress hope to be finished this week!
keep an eye out for the artist proofs... and yes she is standing on a $20 dollar bill

EVO QUEEN by Linda Biggs

ALSO - the 2nd ARTIST Proof of Evo Queen is on
ebay right now - dont miss her!


Well with the times as they are -
I am working on this new piece hope to have her ready by the
Spoutwood Fairie Festival -
Peace Keeper above.
she is a bit over the top -but that's how i feel!

here is the WIP up top - her name is Peace Keeper,
we will have the artist proofs on ebay as soon as she is completed!

Spoutwood ~
the Festival is April 28,29 and May 1 st its my
only local show right now so make sure to mark your calendar!

other stuff on ebay ~
Hey we have quite a few ebay auctions going on - gotta get some mermaids out there just in time for spring and summer~ here is the ebay link

See you all in a few weeks!
oxox Linda

Friday, March 18, 2011

New Statue - Princess Pearl - Munro

YEAH... she will be in stores soon, and if you dont see her.... ask for her at your favorite retailer.

I received my 1st Artist Sample - OHHHH Man she is sooo pretty they have done such an awesome job hand painting her face.

So make sure to stash a little cash and add her to your collection. she is part of the Sirens of the sea collection from Munro. This one is Princess Pearl - I painted her original painting years back and my niece named her.

Happy Friday.... and remember its contest day -
make sure you enter!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring will be here Soon ~

Hi Guys... well its almost spring! and we all need to enjoy each other and get outside.
Its been a LONG COLD winter a bit longer and harder than years past - so this new piece i hope inspires. Titled Evo Queen by Linda Biggs 3/2011

We will have her up on the site soon and NOW are taking pre-orders. This piece is $25.00 hand glittered and signed, that includes shipping to any USA address.
send payment to paypal at

Keep an eye out for my new painting - I just started a new one and man.... it might be
Evo Queens sister - full of attitude and controversy....thats me

Hum also mark your calendar for the Spoutwood Fairie Festival
That will be my next show. Cant wait to get out and see everyone.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rainy Sunday -

Its Sunday, its raining cats and dogs....I have been giving my youngest a painting lesson all day. For her high school AP art project.

This week - or maybe next week I will be unveiling my newest piece of work. It has taken a bit longer than normal and you will see why once I post her. She is complicated.. but we all are in many ways....

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sheri Newton - reviewed my works ; )

Hey if you get a chance Sheri, reviewed some of my stuff last week in her blog. here is the link to chek it out. what a nice surprise! gosh today is one of those weird afternoons - painting with a million distractions so to recieve this email was and awesome thing....

Thanks Sheri!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Change is GOOD!

Well here we go - I am now manning my own BLOG how cool is that, yes Herb, is helping me every step of the way! What a blessing he has been for me and this art world of mine. I (we) hope to keep you updated with whats going on in my Fairie World tid~bits of stuff. I want to keep this informative, fun and a place to be in contact so please join in.

I am currently working on a new painting - Normally I preview it on Facebook - but this piece is totally new and fresh a bit different and I want to save the unveiling until its completed. I hope to have it all done and ready for you guys to take home by The Spoutwood Fairie Festival. YUP that will be here before you know it. April 29, 30 & May 1

Well this winter has been a bit harder and a lot longer than normal in my world so I have been a bit removed from online activity and website updates. I miss talking with you guys and hope to get back to some sort of normal as the weather warms up. If you have emailed or called and I didn't reply - I must apologize its just been a troubling time, however with a rocky road we learn and grow.

Cant wait to see you guys - at Spoutwood.

OH... Munro gifts has a new mermaid statue of mine coming out this spring. "Princess Pearl" will post photos as soon as they send them to me,

Love You all -