Saturday, June 25, 2011

Now That its Summer!

Now that its Summer... and the kiddies are home from school!
Time has a different flow - it moves a little slower and I seem to get less done. But its a time to cherish as my daughter and i are sitting down with the challenge of a sewing machine, needle and thread and trying to create something new. Time to try and relax!
I will be at The Hereford Zone Parade - July 10
in northern Baltimore County
Times and details coming soon.

Also you are invited to:

The Forget-Me-Not-Factory July 16
Time 2-5
in Historic Ellicott City
8044 Main Street
Ellicott City, MD 21043
we will have lots of cool stuff, my new mermaid statues and light refreshments and more. Please stop by the Bubble man will be there and bring your camera. It will be a delightful afternoon.

Ebay this week - we have some cool stuff going on. we just listed a set of 3 Tattoo flash for one price. here is the link

Long story... but we had to move the studio, once again, this time we are unpacking boxes and getting back to normal. just like nature - with change every day. I am making changes too. Its a transitional time. But Change is good. and one new addition to my studio - the gift of a MAC...from one of my suppliers. I can not thank them enough.. I have been using an old DELL for so long this is a very exciting change....

Wishing you a happy and relaxing summer - i am gonna try to learn the art of Relaxation too!

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