Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What an event @ The Forget Me Not Factory!

we had a ball in Ellicott City
this past saturday!

So many old friends came and new ones too, this was the most fun i have had all summer. and YES - I wore a dress, wasnt in the kilt kinda mood.

We took lots of great photos - we even had a beautiful dragon fly, stay for the entire party. he just sat on top the prints and flew from person to fae. It was sooo cool. The Bubble man, was making all sorts of magic too! If you missed up,
stop in The Forget Me Not Factory - in Historic Ellicott City, MD. You will see the magic and wonderful gifts for everyone. Young and Old!

Now I am going to take a little rest, and start painting my new piece of ART. I used to preview them on Facebook, but for now - I will hold off and just post it once it is completed. ( we have had tooo many pirates, even tho it was fun to post the progress, its best right now that i just wait til this new one is finished....)

Oh, for those of you who have asked, YES, Tiny is doing a little better, he is eatting and his weight has gone up a little. he is my little sweetie.

Thats it for now - and looking forward to seeing you this fall, and
YES - I will be @ FaerieCon as a guest again this year! ( no i am not up on their website yet... ahhh the politics.....)

Have a peaceful summer,

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