Sunday, July 24, 2011

Original Sketch on Ebay - Sunrise on the GULF

YUP - we are listing a few original Sketches right now while. Its summer time for a few good deals.

This one was among one of the most serious piece I created. The Original Watercolor sold last year.

Description from the Original painting -
Sunrise on the gulf is my little protest to the BP Oil Spill. This painting had to come out so i could move onto my regular painting.
OK this new painting was inspired by the BP Oil spill in the gulf, not the typical inspiration for this fairy. But I couldnt ignore it. This disaster has really upset me to the core of what we are as humans. and... yes the Bio hazard logo - is green and appropriate. The imagery is not so subtle the Fairie Characters look sweet, but very sad - man it was sooo upsetting to paint it. every time we turned on the News i saw the images of the oily turtles and it made me cry. Painting this piece freed my creativity so i can move onto an new piece of art. I couldn't do anything until i got this painting out of my system. Like getting the sludge and Nasty oil out from the bottom of the sea. How can our waters live with all that mess, how come they can get away with it? - thats how my brain felt until i put it on into a watercolor painting. This is my little way of protesting British Petroleum.

dont let this auction get away!

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