Sunday, February 21, 2016

So much going on....

Just an update....
Lots going on as we get ready for Spring !

We have new coloring sheets at the printer,
 along with the new Fine Art Water Color images
 are now in

"Little Bee", "Don't Tell me No" and "Little Me"

Friday, February 5, 2016

Shop Owners, Special

Shop Owners ONLY!

Dearest Shop Owners,
 I would enjoy the privilege to offer u a "Free Sample" of my New Coloring Sheet, Tattoo Flash or Coloring Kits. If u r in he Maryland, DC, Northern VA, PA, Harpers Ferry Area and or even Delaware - message me, I'll come to ur store, via my Magic Mini Cooper and present my new line of "Fairieness" & "InapropriART"

I always love a good reason to dress up !

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Happy Winter, Happy SNOW!

Happy Winter

I think I LOVE winter, because my birthday is in the coldest month of the year. I love the solitude, and creative time. Last week - during our 36" snow storm.... I enjoyed much quiet time and created for hours and days without having to leave the studio at all. However, I took breaks for coffee and whipped cream.

Here is a preview of the newest creation that is on the drawing board. Working on the black and white series, has really opened my mind in ways I had not thought of before, it's so refreshing. 

Believe it or not, but I really do work upside down. Was never taught this way, it just is easier for me to see it clearly, focusing on the overall image. This way I don't rework an area - to death. 

This piece is almost finished. Probably by the weekend. She is titled "Don't Tell Me, NO".... How appropriate !

We just received a HOT OFF the press order, of new note cards and prints. We will be offering specials on Instagram!
Please follow us, on Instagram, Twitter, FB and anyplace a Fairie might be hanging out. NEW NEW, STUFF is happening !

Thank YOU for all ur support!