Sunday, February 20, 2011

Change is GOOD!

Well here we go - I am now manning my own BLOG how cool is that, yes Herb, is helping me every step of the way! What a blessing he has been for me and this art world of mine. I (we) hope to keep you updated with whats going on in my Fairie World tid~bits of stuff. I want to keep this informative, fun and a place to be in contact so please join in.

I am currently working on a new painting - Normally I preview it on Facebook - but this piece is totally new and fresh a bit different and I want to save the unveiling until its completed. I hope to have it all done and ready for you guys to take home by The Spoutwood Fairie Festival. YUP that will be here before you know it. April 29, 30 & May 1

Well this winter has been a bit harder and a lot longer than normal in my world so I have been a bit removed from online activity and website updates. I miss talking with you guys and hope to get back to some sort of normal as the weather warms up. If you have emailed or called and I didn't reply - I must apologize its just been a troubling time, however with a rocky road we learn and grow.

Cant wait to see you guys - at Spoutwood.

OH... Munro gifts has a new mermaid statue of mine coming out this spring. "Princess Pearl" will post photos as soon as they send them to me,

Love You all -

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