Monday, November 15, 2010

A Season of Passion and Forgetfulness

redhead on beach

I will not forget you...

Wild things are coming! Spirits... bad and good. Full moons and harvest fires. All around us our visual world morphs and explodes in images dancing like flames. Flames that warm and flames that burn.

We're closing out the last stretch of 2010 and there will be celebrations. Wine will pour and its smooth numbness will wrap us like a lover's soft hands. But remember, as only artists do... that it was a year not to forget. It was a year that should have started a revolution. The gulf still drowns in a secretive disaster, known only in places where people never go, dark and deep down under. Politics change and slither uneasily like the nervousness of a coiled snake. Evil hides in canyons ready to take down an Eiffel Tower.

Artists won't let us turn away. All they see now... are dark shores.

Linda's latest "Dark Shore" ... Dedicated to the ongoing tragedy of the Gulf Oil Spill. Thank you, Linda, for knowing that art IS our only reality.

Dark Shores

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