Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Beautiful" November 2011

"Beautiful" by Linda Biggs Nov 2011

This piece truly represents all the beauty that is FAE. Linda worked on this piece while preparing for a show. It was the creative outlet that allowed her to do all the tedious and not so fun show preparations. This new painting is peaceful and simple, with lots of green leaves and details.

we are taking pre orders before this painting is on her website, These are special"VALUE" holiday prices.

16 x 20 double matted Giclee' Fine Art Reproduction
Hand Glittered by Linda - $99.00
Shipping $8.95

Total - $107.95
(simply paypal, payment to )

* * * * *

11 x 14 matted - Ink Jet Print
Hand Glittered by Linda - $29.00
Shipping $5.95

Total - $37.95
simply paypal, payment to )

This offer wont last long - once it is posted on Linda's website this great deal will be over !
Order it now - it will make the perfect, "Beautiful" holiday gift!