Monday, December 17, 2012

Its been a while, since I gave a “REAL TIME” update. Life has been a whirlwind in more ways than one, thats for sure. Just by watching the daily news you get a sobering dose of reality. Say a prayer for those less fortunate, be humble and give thanks ~

I would like to officially “THANK YOU ALL” for supporting me this year. Thank you to all who came out to Greetings and Readings, to see that I am still vertical, and more important, still smiling despite the odds... But most of all, to see that I am ready to make some new ART.
I know in my heart that creating ART is my purpose, here on this planet. I created and nurtured 2 beautiful children who I love more than life itself. Now, that they have grown into beautiful women, I will always be here for them. Just looking at their photos warms my soul every morning. As for day to day, its time to create more ART & stuff for the world to enjoy. My ART, is a simple gift to the planet, a little bit of my world in a visual diary, once I am gone the story will last as long as people enjoy it.. Think about it, what do you like to do, that is a positive gift to the planet or mankind. If you can't come up with a something, besides make money – you seriously need a hobby!

A sincere and very BIG thank you to all my inked followers–

This THANK YOU is to ALL my friends who have made the lifetime commitment and inked my art on your precious body. There is no greater complement, I am sure every artist would agree. Thank you so much for sharing in such a personal journey its like we are now joined together. – 

 2 recent examples of ink, from my friends & fans. Please share and if you have my art on your body please email me a photo, or post it on facebook. I treasure these, they make me smile.

I wish you a peaceful holiday season, that what I am wishing for myself. The gift of peace, and to rest comfortably, with friends and loved ones. This is a difficult time for many and I do not like the drama the holidays can bring. Funny, the term PEACE, sounds so easy, yet its what mankind has been fighting for throughout history.

Peace ~


  1. Peace to you, Linda. I hope everything good comes to you in 2013. You deserve it. EJP

  2. EJP, THANK YOU! 13 is my lucky number - Peace to you my friend !