Thursday, August 17, 2017

Visit with God
by Linda Biggs ©

She is finally complete.... and for sale!

It took all summer and then some.
 Simply gentle and sweet Newest Art,
 by Linda Biggs.

This image, is a daily trip that Linda takes every morning to the little stream in Fairieland.
All of my paintings, are like a snap shot in,
 time. These paintings are a visual diary.

Funny how fast and abrupt things change. This was my morning ritual, until I got Lyme for the 3rd time. Holy Cows, life just goes upside down. Still not 100 percent but way better, than how I was in June. The heat of the summer was unbearable with this crud in my system.

I am doing everything in my power to get back to the stream, but the enormous and exploding tick population this year has changed my ways for a bit. So a little more time in the gym and less in the yard. I do prefer the yard, and Vit D but need to keep the little tick bastards at bay - so I will return down to the stream after the first Freeze or so.... Yes, I am wishing for winter and those refreshing temps ! and the soon to happen wood stove installation. NO more cold winter! Dang, 7 years of cold winters without proper heat and i am looking forward to being toasty this year.

This is what happens after I paint it. It takes a lot of work and cash flow, to get the prints or note cards created. This is one step in the process.

Proofing at Archival ARTs, they are the best!

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