Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Merry Christmas and all that STUFF

Oh My its that time of year, we all get a little more hectic, melancholy, and spend a little more that we intended on getting the gift thing done.

This year I put up a little green mylar shiny tree, gnomes and elves all around and am trying my best to enjoy it!

Its been a YEAR!!! Ups and Downs ... but most of all a lot of learning and realizing I can CREATE again. I am taking every opportunity that lands on my path -
 I will evaluate it and decide if its right for me.

This new little SweetPea is now available, she tooook a long time to complete. We have her on Etsy for sale along with Note Cards coming in too.

I have her being added to the Medical Cannabis Line, you will see here very soon, on a cool new product. 

I am working on a new happy little PIXIE Painting and I will preview it soon.... Until Then...

Enjoy the holidays and see you all soon,


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