Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Linda Biggs in Black & White

Retraction - Oct 9,  2014 My "Proof Reading Skills" are something I need to improve.  Note, I am a Self Represented Artist, without contracted sponsorship. In the email newsletter Oct 8, 2014 - we overlooked and not changed a previous footer, footnote saying otherwise. All bookings and appointments are approved and schedule by me, Linda Biggs ~ 

Happy Autumn....

to all my friends & acquaintances, it’s been a while since I reached out, and gave a real update on my NEW ART, and what I have been up to. 

IT's been a long, strange and winding road, with lots of challenges, distractions, 
and some good stuff too. 

Many of you know, my daughter and I were sidetracked/slammed in a very big way, via a car crash 2 years ago. With some of the healing behind me, and much more healing ahead; the transition has taught me a new way to look at life and approach my world. 

The new website, "The Black & White ART, In Linda's Rainbow World" showcases the way my mind see’s things these days. The site, illustrates some of good and not so good, along with hope and kindness that has been shown our way. 

This new collaboration was a refreshing venture, between Herb, my webmaster and myself. Herb, my webmaster of 14 years, has been a true friend and colleague through thick and thin. Take a few minutes and see the new website - of my world Black & White. 

Bookmark  and grab a coffee or tea, take a break and scroll thru, see and feel the new vibe of my new art. This new site, is black & white, the way my life really is. Currently, I am unable to paint watercolors, since the accident. I have hope that one day my rainbow watercolors will flow from my minds eye and hands again. For now, may creations are pencil. 

We still maintain the Rainbow Site, 
and now we have new life in

As you go thru, the new site, on the contact page, you’ll find a mailing list box. 
We send out e-news every month or so - we would love to include you. 

As a celebration of this exciting time, we are going to be giving away a NEW BLACK & White, Fine Art Giclee, and a few sets of note cards. Take a peek on this page ~

How to enter, fill out the Contact Page, with your name and postal REAL mailing address. We have some of you, we would like our REAL mailing list to be up to date.  ( We can’t send the prize to an email address ) The winners will be selected in a few weeks. We will send out a newsletter with the winners, along with post on Facebook.  

Join us on FB, Twitter & Pinterest - Thanks for all your support, 



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