Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Winner Winner.... Abby Hummel !

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner...If u really know me, my chicken dinner is a not a prize. 

Thanks to all who entered, "get ur Free SALVATION!" Our winner is Abby Hummel. We also selected a few runners up, just cuz...

 This past weekend, my family went to parents weekend @ Syracuse. I noticed the overwhelming abundance of technology, but very little real art. I truly believe the thirst for ART, the making of ART is a forgotten ART. We send our kids to School to learn it, yet, the world seems to not really care about it. But we all care about technology - which is cold, hard & lifeless. ART is all about expressing our human experience. My hope with my Black and White series is, to create a happy diary, of good stuff, and living. 

Thanks for entering, to all my friends on here, I challenge u to MAKE something this week... just because....its not about is it good enough, or what will they think,, its about how it, LIFE, made you feel.

Go outside, play in the leaves and get some air...

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