Friday, January 2, 2015

Here's to a New, better.... YEAR!

The best intentions.... 

Happy NEW YEAR ~ As we all have hopes, wishes, and the promise of a new start and maybe even a chance to achieve the American Dream. I am looking forward to 2015 for sure. Personally I have endured, the roller coaster of a ride from hell, the past 4 years. So many questions and so many losses, but in the end its still me... trying to rebuild my studio, relearn what I have physically lost, and achieve a sense of peace -

I have slowly relearned how to draw again, its not painting in watercolors, like I used to do, but it is a calming start. Creating brings me happiness, whether its drawing or making household items. I really miss the magic of painting, but I can not dwell in the loss of that ability.  My dream is, to one day to get back the feeling and control back in my hands to be able to paint again. But for now, that is just a dream ... so, the black and whites sketches will be my visual voice to tell my story.... for that ability I am grateful.

We have a new website,
showcasing the new Black and White series. The older established, rainbow site is undergoing a face life.... we will let you know when it is completed.

I have started working part time, outside of the ART world, Its been fun and rewarding, and a way to continue cognitive therapy, in ways hospital "PT" is limited. However, the itch to participate art shows again, is whirling around in my head...

All I can say, is.... Create Art, or make stuff it will help settle the Angst ~

In a time of so much stress, unrest outside of private dwellings, and in some cases inside and mean spirited people, we all need to, TRY to "Rise Above IT, and show Love and Kindness", even to those who are not our cup of tea !

Thank you for your support - and sharing in this thing called life, we are all in it together.

Peace to ALL,

The little Fairie with Big Dreams for all sorts of Enchanted NEW Beginnings -


  1. I wish you a year of health and happiness. It's lovely to see you back creating art and I wish you well with your continued recovery. xxx

  2. Miamina - Thank you so much, its feels good! I appreciate your support, Hope you have a beautiful SPRING....