Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas !

 Merry Christmas
Friends !
Tis the season for sure, you can see it everywhere. 
It makes me kinda anxious, all I want, is to be kind to the people and creatures as we cross paths this season.

I saw a beautiful Eagle in my yard, just the other day, It's regal power and beauty was breathtaking. 

Why can't we all be an "Eagle", in our own life?  We can 
share beauty and respect along the way. I do not wish for "STUFF" this year. Just the peace and tolerance to get along with others without conflict. That includes, The drivers on the highway, the me first's at the grocery store, the raccoon crossing the country road at night, even the honey bee's that invaded my barn ; )
Try to do right thing, what ever it may be. Stop the stress and angst ! Thats all I want for Christmas and the whole year thru. 

-PEACE be with All of You,

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