Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Holidaze ~

I wrote this little thought last year.... and it still applies, today.

Tis the season... I fondly remember being a little girl, I couldn't wait to put up the "sparklie tree", make cookies, sing the religious Christmas songs ( i was brought up Baptist), turn on the window candles, and twinkle blue outdoor lights too, we did this each night in December.  Those memories were among the best and I still treasure them. 

Somewhere, in this thing called LIFE, those simple pleasures have been replaced with stress, heartache, dread and even grief at times. My wish for all my friends, & foe, is that we may enjoy this time - with a little peace and soften, settle our grown up hardened hearts. A friend this evening sent me a Vimeo, video of "A Hallelujah Christmas" by Cloverton - I smiled and remembered, it is a wonderful & spiritual time of year. ( only if we could remove all the nastyness, rudeness, and expectations)

I normally ignore Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Christmas in hopes to TRY & keep the faith year round without the drama. The holidays, shopping and all the choas make me anxious. This season, I might try to put up a tree, turn on the radio, smile, and recall some beautiful moments... & maybe make some too.... I wish you All PEACE thru what can be the hardest month of the year, December with the expectation of Christmas.


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