Monday, December 19, 2016


“ Irony “

Its a strange time out there, in the real world, and that is the reason I have worked so hard to make a living as a Professional Artist. It is my passion and my life’s work. 

As the story goes, at least the story since 2012, yes, back to that dark day of “The Accident” 
I had no idea how that would impact my life forever. This week, I had another reminder of how it did, and will continue to make life a challenge.

The year has gone by and I have started to fill my calendar with events and shows for the 2017 year. In doing so, the start up and show fee’s, inventory, new prototypes are pretty expensive, any exhibiting artist or trade show vendor can vouch for that. We do what we do because we are passionate and know it matters.

And then, an opportunity came to me like a beacon of light, (via my email ). It came at just the right moment, a sales position at Mini Cooper of Baltimore, ( a BMW company).  I drive a Mini - Cooper, absolutely love the car, and the fact that, it is, my forth mini I knew this email was a little bit of magic.…. In my mind, I’ve been a sale person all my life, I sell my Art. I could be an outstanding  Mini Cooper Sales Person, my Blue Mini Cooper saved my life in 2012. After all, I love the cars, it saved my life, so excited at the day dream, because it is a product I believe in.

At that point, I begin the tedious on-line process of applying and preparing my resume’ you all know that drill so very well. To my surprise, they call me in for an interview the very next day, Friday Dec 16. The ball is rolling, and I am beginning to get a little excited. Thinking, Ah, I will be able to afford that wood stove this winter, and gosh a real salary with medical benefits would make such a difference. 

Interview day comes, I put on my best “grey” conservative outfit, print my resume and off I go. From the moment I entered the BMW headquarters, I knew in my gut, I had it in the bag! There is no one out there, who has the life experience of near death and saved by the product your hoping to sell. I had a heaping spoonful of confidence. The interviewer was very nice, and I knew in my heart I “nailed it”. She took me around, the showroom, Introducing me, I met the Sales Manager, etc… It was great, I left, filled with hope.

As I drove away, my cell phone rang, I pulled over to answer and chat, and it was the interviewer, welcoming me to the Sales team. I was so excited - just full out beaming.

She mentioned some details and protocol, all still sounding just fine until….
We need to order a “Drug Test”. I am still all excited, and good to go. However, at that point I mentioned, I use Cannabis Oil for Chronic Pain from the TBI, I suffered in my car accident of 2012, along with spine damage and I am technically handicapped.

SILENCE…. Yes, Silence, hesitation and “UM, let me run this thru HR  and I will call you back”
Friday comes and goes. Today, Monday, I receive the call and the info, that this is a grey area and the attorneys are not comfortable with your situation. (This is the moment, I smile a little smile to myself and know that I am stronger than the paranoid lawyers) 

We are in a time of change, I myself don't always like being one of the warriors, but at times, it seems as if I were chosen to be one. I did not choose to be in the car crash, I did not choose to be handicapped, I did not choose rehab, speech therapy etc… However, I had to go thru it, like a warrior in order to get where I am today. And because of ignorance and lack of progress I am unable to be awarded the sales position. My comment is this, In order for progress, you need a progressive thinker and be in the drivers seat. No matter what the TV commercials say, narrow minded lawyers run the show.

I do not hide who I am. I feel the system would prefer I choose to apply for disability, as that is a safer option according to lawyers in the long run. We are not people but we are numbers on their spread sheet.

Regardless, my Mini Cooper is my car of choice, just too bad I am not their choice. I will have to work harder at selling my craft, since I am the boss and I am good with using Cannabis Oil to help with unending pain, its my best and safest option. 

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