Thursday, December 1, 2016

Where the image, "Dr's Orders" inspiration came from....

Where the image, "Dr's Orders" 
inspiration came from....
Marijuana—the stuff I stayed away from in high school. The stuff that looked kind of “interesting” in movies or at parties, but not something for me, not in my safe little barn in the woods. Now I hear about it all the time, marijuana, cannabis, weed—i.e.— pot. It’s moved beyond Grateful Dead shows and Colorado 4-20s and into the mainstream, rolling from state to state, except ours (Maryland)—which, don’t get me started on that yet!  I even attended a few Maryland Norml meetings in Annapolis to find out the legal agenda and ramifications.
Straight up truth, the stuff is magic, and not because it’s trendy or hip or in vogue (though that doesn’t hurt!). I love it because it heals my pain—which had started to rule my life. It helps me see my potential tomorrows. It centers me in a stressful world that often strays way too far from healthy. 
So here’s how I got to this place. Some may know that a car accident left me struggling to get up every day. Frankly, I was struggling to live. Anyone who knows about pain will tell you that the first thing you’re hit with from the doctors is a fist full of opioids. I had those things coming at me like the monkeys from the Wizard of Oz –and they were about as scary, leaving me feeling as if my life were going down a black hole.
Then some angel mentioned cannabis and it kicked off a ton of researching.  It wasn’t long before it hit me— oh my goodness!—that’s the same stuff—marijuana, weed—pot! Everything I read told me that this “good-girl, straight-laced” spirited fairie artist -- this non-smoking, non-drinking, heavily allergic, fireball who never wants anything to slow her down, should buy some weed. So, yes, that is exactly what I did!
I have to say, it took some patience and experimentation, yet it was kind of exciting. I say this because, in all seriousness, there hadn’t been a whole lot for me to be excited about for a long time. So I figured, what do I have to lose? Still choosing not to smoke, I decided the best way for me to do this thing was to just cook it up and eat it—and I did. I made this wicked “Cannabutter” which I have to tell you, floored me, like, quite literally, on the floor. 
I adjusted dosage and soon the pain became manageable. Yeah—there was a little nausea and some brain fog in the morning, and yes, the dreaded munchies. As a result, I was making fresh baked scones daily. But the pain and inflammation faded away. I was sleeping like a regular “fairie"— i.e. person. And my desire to remain a “little” fairie artist has me at the gym every day, so no worries there!
All this left me asking, why is this magical plant illegal?  Why, when there are so many people out there with chronic pain--so many desperate people who suffer, like I did, because they can’t obtain what nature offers them? 

I figured I could stay mad or I could paint those pretty green five-pointed leaves. I paint for those people looking for courage and hope. Because “Dr’s Orders”—means just that—educated doctors and educated patients are saying it’s okay and good and natural. If you believe in magic then I’m telling you, magic is out there. I take a little magic every other night before bed. I know it helps me.  Actually, from where I was heading, it may have saved my life.

In celebration of this important, piece of history, I will be sharing my art at 
The National Cannabis Festival In Washington, DC this April 2017
Please, mark your calendars, and I will share more festival dates as I confirm them. 

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