Sunday, September 27, 2015

I LOVE Fall....

Its my favorite time of year.... gosh, its like as the leaves start falling I begin to feel alive! ( I LOATHE summer !)

Lots of new adventures in the new studio, getting it in order to CREATE, since I really believe thats why I am here! To put my silly and bizzar adventures on paper.  As you can see we r all in this THING together. I could not make up the stories behind my art.... I am just not that creative.... The last little situation, was the "HoneyBEE Invasion" it scared me pants off .... but is the basis for this new little Sweet Pea! She's Cute, but the real adventure was hair raising, fist clenching, teeth grinding and most bizzar!  ( Thanks to one of my favorite "Green Men" who is a bee keeper, he helped calm my fears, about these magical honeybee creatures - and gave me great advise.

I will post its progress on Facebook, as she develops - the beginning sketches are ruff and take lots of twists and turns before completion....

Not sure if she will be a black and white or maybe I will play in some paint. The painting parts are still overwhelming... but since the bees didnt kill me i might as well live on the edge HUH

Thanks for your Supports.... hope to see you soon, xoxoxo


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