Thursday, September 10, 2015

Its all GREEN... with shades of yellow, orange as Fall is almost here .... The perfect season for us to announce and share our new On-Line Gallery, it has been months in the making - such an honor to present.  

Take a few minutes and stroll thru the Fresh, NEW easy to operate ART Gallery. This new Linda Biggs website is zippy and user friendly. Use either domain to view the Colorful Rainbow ART.

The FairieForest extension is where Linda's Vivid Rainbow World began, its part of the history in her story, it's important to maintain that as well. However, using her name is always the quickest and easiest way to locate one of her Art Images... even if your doing a google search, Linda Biggs -

We just received an unopened supply of 3-D Statues, these beauties have been long sold out. And a few boxes were tucked away in the UK. They made it safely to our new studio - the LASTS of this magnificent collection by Munro Enterprises. We are thrilled to offer them once again.

Linda has new Art on Etsy, and her Black and White .net site
Her Black and Whites, have a bit of a twist... but they all do, if you take a closer look.
NEW - Coloring Sheets

Etsy - NEW Coloring Sheets
(All Etsy purchases will receive a FREE Fairy Surprise)

Please share our new sites with your friends and local retailers, your support is and has been such a huge part of keeping that little fire going in Linda's World. It has been a long strange journey - growing like weed in all sorts of directions. Many unfortunate distractions, yet coupled with much magical inspiration. That is the beauty of this little Oxymoron... Linda Biggs

Much Thanks to Herb Fogler, and his expertise in keeping this Fairie's presence alive online.

Linda, has had, the great opportunity to work at Hunt Valley Jewelers this past year. Baltimore's, One of A kind,  GIA Certified Graduate Gemologists and Jewelers.  It was refreshing for Linda to work one on one with clients and customers, again.  Stop in for a repair or to select the perfect gift ~

Thank You for your support -


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