Sunday, September 13, 2015

Thank you, from "Little Me" © Linda Biggs, latest completed Art piece.

Thank you all who have visited the New Color Website and have supported my work over the years. My Art is now different, but so am I.

These past few years have been a quite long, a bit scary and very strange. This is the first painting I have created in 3 years. It was hard and stressful, and a little cute too. Somehow, I found the courage to create and finally complete her. Since the accident, I found myself unable to paint, unable to hold the brush steady nor hold my thoughts steady. Thats when I developed the Black and White series, 

 I could put the pencil down as often as needed. However, I just wasn't satisfied with only Black and White, so, I used a few colored pencils from time to time. Still feeling empty - with the Black and White. I kept trying to paint, yet unable to complete anything acceptable.

This Little Piece of Art is not like the rest of my watercolor collection. This one not rainbow, nor bright. Its a soft and quiet piece, that I enhance by pen & ink, and a little black pencil to sharpen details and edges. ( The watercolor purists, which I am one, do not approve of this method. ) I can no longer paint sharp and fine details, it was devastating) -Yet, I refuse to allow that to stop me, so I have made sacrifices in my art execution. Comparing it to my older pieces, the difference is huge.
I am still an artist and will do everything possible to create something that makes me smile. It's no longer purist watercolors - however, it's my life on paper, once again.

Some of you know my Saga and the trauma - that occurred a few years back. I can't change it.
I have worked very hard at getting Little Me, back. I will never be the Old Linda Biggs,  the New one, is a bit quieter, a bit more serious, but still an Artist and still short.

Who knows what the next piece will be, or if I will ever travel or participate in shows again. But I will express myself in a visual way. Yes it's different, we all change and grow in different ways. I would not have planned this journey of growth, I have not liked it,  but I can't change it -

My personal growth has been uncomfortable but huge.  I will GROW, and go with the flow, be it more subtle, it's still "Little Me",


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